Welcome to my Webpage!

I am a Professor at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, in Bogotá (Mathematics Department) and a member of the Bogotá Logic Group.

My main subject of research is Mathematical Logic.

More precisely, I do research in Model Theory (Stability Theory in Abstract Elementary Classes), connections with Geometry (model theory of sheaves, model theory of modular invariants), connections with Set Theory, Infinitary Logic.

I also work in the Philosophy of Mathematics.

Click here to visit my mathstodon account.

Finally, I have done some art projects (with Roman Kossak, María Clara Cortés and Wanda Siedlecka and with Ana Ruiz.

Contact: avillavecesn at unal dot edu dot co

Address: Departamento de Matemáticas – Universidad Nacional – Bogotá – Colombia – Ciudad Universitaria – 111321 – Bogotá – Colombia – Tel: +57 601 3165000 ext 13209.

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